Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Chanel Spring 2015 - a strong 80s vibe

chanel silver bricks dress

Overall, the Chanel Spring '15 show had a strong 80s vibe, which is odd considering the general fashion shift towards the 70s. OH GOD LISTEN TO ME - THIS IS SO BORING - GET WITH THE '10s PEOPLE!! I wasn't struck by the season's originality - which nevertheless did not stop me lusting after its gorgeous knitted wool trousers - the epitome of slouchy glamour - non? And I particularly desire this luscious tweedy top:

Chanel green wool with white stripe top and purple collar

I mean it just looks so soft and thick; and I love the crazy "heather moors" collar and cuffs.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

looking for a sequined Christmas party number - go to Virgos Lounge

I've been looking around for some sequined glamour for the party season, and I came upon the Virgos Lounge. I ordered a size 14 - for that is what I am - and this beautiful piece arrived:

sequin dress green

I love the delicate cut-outs along the neckline:

sequin dress green

And the flowers look like gemstones - though they are actually sequins.

sequin detail

A beautiful party dress with high level of beautiful detailing for around £100 - that's a fantastic thing. I do think that the next thing for Virgos Lounge to do is slightly re-think it's sizing. For a start it's sizing is too small - I am a standard size 14 - but this dress was a size too small - so I had to return it. It seems to me that this product could do really well in the 50+ market, and also that the product range would be extremely flattering to the plus-size figure. I think they could do well to extend their size-range. 

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Kaltbach and avocado toasted sandwich

Kaltbach and avocado toasted sandwich

Such a great pairing! hardly a recipe - more of a serving suggestion.

Spread margarine on your bread. Add:
  • Kaltbach cheese (or any semi-soft cheese).
  • avocado
That's it! I added no mayonnaise, no nothing. perfect combo as it is. really filling and no meat.

Sunday, 5 October 2014


Introducing Nadia Mahmud-Salvisberg - the prospective Parliamentary candidate for Hackney Wick

It may have come to the attention of many of you that I have been hugging many babies of late. And this can only mean one thing: I am running for parliament. 

(PLEASE NOTE: it is the bigger one in both photos who is the parliamentary candidate, and in neither cases is it the baby.)

The Nadia Manifesto

  1. build beautiful drinking-water fountains in every town.
  2. employ architects to analyse and redesign empty spaces in London as affordable housing/accommodation.
  3. introduction of petrol rationing in London.
  4. no-one can earn more than £75 000 per year. All the rest goes to the state. (entrepreneurs and artists are excluded due to erratic incomes, and as reward for the service they make to the country which requires extreme personal risk-taking.)
  5. it will be illegal to pay farmers less for their produce than what it cost them to produce it.
  6. unpaid interns will be able to claim benefits.
  7. emotional abuse and controlling your partner via emotional or financial abuse will be a criminal offence. 
  8. more money will be allocated for women fleeing domestic abuse. In particular more provision for hostel beds will be made available.
  9. televised debates will be held on green issues - which will feature politicians, scientists, sociologists, celebrities, and members of the public debating various green issues.
  10. more money to be invested in a raft of green energy sources.

Vote for Nadia?